Gel Remover Lady Pink 15g

$ 15.50

Lady Pink is a powerful gel eyelash extension adhesive remover.

It takes around 5 minutes to remove a full set

How to use:

  • Make sure clients eye are firmly closed.
  • Squeeze out a small amount onto your stone/plate
  • Using a cotton swab or micro swab/applicator, dab the gel onto the top and bottom of the lashes, covering the lashes with a thin layer of gel.
  • Leave for between 3 – 5 minutes
  • If there’s resistance, leave the gel on for another 60-120 secs, then try again.
  • Wipe eyes clean and rinse with saline and dry. Leave the eyes close still for a couple of minutes to relieve any stinging sensation.
  • ingredient: Water, Propylene Carbonate, Polyethyiene Glycol, Etoxy Ethanol, Methoxy Ethanol, Paraben, Vinyl Polymer Salt, Pink Color, Grape Fruit Perfume
  • Made in Korea.


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